Facilities in BVB Exploratory

Exploratory is widespread in urban area and suburbs of Pune comprising of 3 centres at Senapati Bapat Road, Kothrud and Nigdi.

The facilities at these centres include –

  1. Seven state of the art laboratories in subjects like – Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science and Earth Science Laboratory.
  2. Science Library- It has a unique collection of science books and CD’s. We offer free library facility to our students.
  3. The exploratory is well-equipped with public utilities and spacious parking for vehicles.

Along with the above facilities the Main Centre of Senapati Bapat road also includes-

  1. Science Exposition hall – It showcases the applications of science in different research fields. This exposition has unique models of ISRO satellites, models of aircrafts of NAL, models of nuclear reactor and nuclear reactions from DAE and various other informative panels from CSIR.
  2. Auditorium- we have a well-equipped air-conditioned auditorium which has the seating capacity of around 140 persons.


Exposition Hall

Exploratory Library

Innovation Hub