Future Plans

Basing on the strong foundation built in the last 25 years, we are planning to launch several new initiatives on this occasion shaping the direction for the Exploratory for the next decade.

Spreading the Exploratory concept  

Being located in the city of Pune, the benefit of this methodology has so far reached only the urban population However, we at Exploratory believe that we have developed significant know-how in this area to structurally promote this concept to far-flung and rural areas by providing teaching aids and training to teachers. 

We have launched the development of teaching aids and training programs and looking for sponsors to support this activity. The program includes development and production of scientific models & kits, training, documentation as well as teachers' training programs, that we intend to promote to reach out to far flung areas in the country. 

Innovation Center 

We believe that development of problem solving ability by creative application of scientific learning, knowledge and other resources will nurture the spirit of creativity and innovation from an early age. 

To fulfill this objective, we are planning to establish an Innovation Center where students will be encouraged and facilitated to solve real life problems using scientific principles and technologies they can learn through interactions with specialist (mentors). In addition to the problem solving skills, the students will also be guided in designing and fabrication of the final solutions.