Participation of Exploratory at National level

  1. Participation of Exploratory in National Children Science Congress at MIT college campus, Pune – 2001.
  2. Participation in NCSM (National Council of Science Museum) Brainstorming session at Mumbai about future course in dissemination of science in 12th Five Year Plan -Feb. 2011
  3. Participation in a workshop on “Scheme for Promoting Innovation, Creativity and Engagement in Science” (SPICES) organized by National Science Centre, New Delhi- 11th March 2014
  4. Participation at the Program ‘Policy for Science and Science for Policies’ conducted by National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore - 19th November 2015 
  5. Participation in 8th National Teachers' Science Congress (NTSC), organized by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai at IISER, Pune - 16 to 19 December 2015