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About us – Muktangan

About us


It was said by a great man that imagination encompasses the whole world. What could be better than nurturing young and curious minds to foster and grow? Muktangan Exploratory, under the umbrella of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, has been working towards this goal since its inception in 1992.

Brainchild of Late Prof. V.G. Bhide, former Vice-Chancellor of University of Pune, the Muktangan Exploratory has been at the forefront of innovative science education amongst school children in Pune for the past 27 years and prides itself in igniting passion for science in over 50,000 young minds.

At Muktangan Exploratory we believe that to foster better understanding of nature around us and to stimulate realisation of creative ideas, hands-on experimentation plays an important role. Equipped with labs and design & fabrication facilities, Muktangan Exploratory is an exciting place brimming with curiosity and creativity.


Explore | Innovate | Invent

Human beings have been driven by insatiable urge to understand nature and harness the knowledge for betterment of life. Muktangan Exploratory too is driven by a strong sense of developing a learning and innovative culture among young children. Experimenting is learning in its trust form and hence the focus is always on the three core values – Explore, Innovate and Invent.

Being one of its kind centre in the country, Muktangan Exploratory surpasses all norms and gives education a new meaning that aims to groom budding scientists and innovators.


The act of Exploration is a process of deep learning, involving curiosity, observation – cornerstones of scientific temperament.

Through the process of Exploration children are encouraged to challenge the boundaries of knowledge, thus embarking on journey of remarkable learning.


Innovation is what differentiates a true leader from followers. At Muktangan Exploratory we challenge young children to come up with creative solutions for solving day-to-day problems.

Our emphasis is also on development of technical skills and abilities that are just as critical as the idea itself to realise the innovative solutions.


 Necessity is the mother invention! At the heart of every invention is the deep understanding of the real problem that the inventers try to solve in newer, more efficient and economical ways.

At Muktangan Exploratory we aim to fuel passion in every mind to invent something of purpose!