What are the activities of the Exploratory? We conduct broad spectrum of activities at the Exploratory, which include:                     – science through experiments (Std. 5 to 10), inter-school essay, quiz, project competitions, nature trails, creativity workshops, summer and winter workshops, Homi- Bhabha young scientist examination theory and practical training, science lecture series, meet a scientist lecture series, science film festival, balloon planetarium shows, a day with exploratory program etc. 
What  are the facilities at the Exploratory ? Exploratory comprises of seven well-equipped, state of the art labs - physics, chemistry, maths, biology, earth science, computer, and electronics, as well as a well appointed library. Additionally, the main center also houses Science Exhibition Center as well as a well-appointed Auditorium.
What are the library facilities available to students ? Students enrolled in the core program have free access to the library that is up to date with national and international science magazines like national geographic, scientific American, down to earth, etc. We also have a collection of CD's on interesting contemporary science topics. Students can borrow one book for seven days against a refundable deposit of Rs. 500.- collected at the start of the academic term.
What are the qualifications and experience of the teaching staff ? Teaching staff is mostly from post-graduate level with vast teaching experience especially with "activity based learning."
What safety facilities are provided to students ? Experiments are conducted under supervision of highly trained teachers and ever attentive laboratory assistants who meticulously follow safety procedures and are adept at working with equipment, chemicals, etc. We also possess adequate safety equipment and first aid facilities to deal with unlikely hazardous situations.
  Exploratory is a platform given to students to discover the fun element in science learning by adopting Learning by Doing. Exploratory inculcates scientific temper, foster creativity & trigger curiosity among students. This in turn helps them to understand the fundamentals behind basic concepts which they can readily relate to various phenomenon.  
Why should my child join Exploratory ? In today’s competitive exam more emphasis is given on problem solving abilities of children. A grounding with Exploratory equips the children with necessary skills to meet the expectations of these competitive exams. Exploratory is a platform given to students to discover the fun element in science learning by adopting Learning by Doing. 
Are there programs for Senior citizens and housewives ? Main emphasis of the Exploratory is to create enthusiasm among young children to learn science and to foster scientific temperament among them. All the programs at Exploratory are therefore geared solely towards this objective.
Do you have programs for children below 5th standard ? We do not have any programs at our main center for children below 5th standard. However, the centers at Kothrud and Nigdi do run programs for children below 5th standard. Please contact these centers for further details.
Do you have special programs for children with learning disability? Our current programs are not geared towards children with learning disability. However, special programs can be arranged to cater to such need for a minimum group of 10.
Are there any programs for college students ? Our current programs are for standards 5 through 9. However, special practical training for up to Junior College level can be arranged for minimum group size of 15
Do you have programs for school teachers ? We do conduct two days Teachers' Training Program twice a year. Training schedule will be published on our website
What are the details of Homi Bhabha coaching program ? We provide both theory and practical exam training for Homi Bhabha Young Scientist exam for std VI and practical training for IX std. Theory coaching starts in the first week of June & Practicals are conducted between Sept – December. Practical Training   is conducted for students who get selected in the theory round in the month Nov – Dec. 
Do you provide coaching for other competitive exams ? We do not conduct training or coaching for any competitive examination other than Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam. However, our fundamental training does prepare children for other competitive examinations.
Does certificate from Exploratory give any credit for other competitive or entrance exams ?  
What is your relationship with BVB ? Exploratory is a unit of renowned cultural and educational organization Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune Kendra.
Are you affiliated to any scientific or academic institutions ? Exploratory is not directly affiliated to any other academic or scientific institution. However, scientists and academics from different prestigious institutions are members of the Advisory Committee as well as active contributors to various programs conducted by the Exploratory.
How to reach Exploratory - Address, map ? Exploratory training is conducted at the main center at Shivaji Nagar, Pune as well as at other two centers at Kothrud and Nigdi. Please refer to CONTACT US page for addresses and contact details of the three centers
Where are the different branches of the Exploratory ? Exploratory has main center at Shivaji Nagar, Pune as well as at other two centers at Kothrud and Nigdi.