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Inauguration of Exposition hall – Muktangan

Inauguration of Exposition hall

Inauguration of Exposition hall

The Science exposition hall aspires to stimulate curiosity and arouse science learning in students, teachers and the community in general. It plays an important role in supporting and complementing formal education by encouraging hands-on learning among students. The idea behind this hall is to give the students a platform to learn scientific concepts in an alternate and experiential way, so that science can be related to their day to day lives.

The newly developed science exposition hall of Muktangan Exploratory was inaugurated by Dr. Shekhar Mande, Director General of CSIR on 7th February, 2020. The hall includes exhibits like Planetary Motion, Perpetual Motion, Rising arc, Floating ball and many more. Muktangan Exploratory welcomes everyone to this Exposition Hall.

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