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Innovation Hub – Muktangan

Innovation Hub


India’s future rests on its ability to harness the creative potential of its large young population. In order to foster innovation and creativity, problem-solving and project-based learning play an important role. With this objective, the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM under the Union Ministry of Culture) has launched a Scheme for Promoting Innovation, Creativity and Engagement in Science (SPICES), which involves jointly setting up of Innovation Hubs across the country together with the existing science centers or non-formal education institutions that promote creativity and inspire innovation. This is in line with the Governments’s ‘Make in India’ objective to drive manufacturing and innovation within the country.

Muktangan Exploratory has been awarded funds under this scheme by the NCSM to set up an Innovation Hub in its premises. Dassault Systemes Foundation-India has also provided generous funding to set-up this innovation centre. The primary objective of the Muktangan Exploratory Innovation Hub is to encourage students to solve real-life problems using scientific principles and technologies learnt through interactions with industrious guide and mentors. In addition to problem-solving skills, the students will also be encouraged to use their hands to realize their ideas and design innovative solutions for their homes, schools and society. A team of expert mentors will guide young innovators in converting their crude ideas into finished products. While doing so, the Innovation Hub aims to develop the basic skills that are essential for the day-to-day life of young children eg. Wood-work, metal fabrication, electrical works, plumbing and electronics. Besides developing basic skills, the children will also be exposed to two important elements viz Insight into “How things work” as well as the promotion of a “quality culture” through an emphasis on aesthetics and “fit for use” concepts.

The Innovation Hub was inaugurated on Wednesday, 28th February 2018, which is celebrated as International Science Day, at the hands of Shri Samarendra Kumar, Director Hqrs, NCSM and Shri Sudarshan Mogasale CEO, 3DPLM (Dassault Systemes R&D, India)

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