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Khel Khel Mein – Muktangan

Khel Khel Mein

Khel Khel Mein

Khel Khel Mein

A Toys, Games and Projects Making competion

Based on

Indian Values, Culture and Heritage



BVB’s Muktangan Exploratory, Pune



Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi through his address to Nation has urged the youths of our nation to come up with indigenous toys and games that should reflect India’s value system. The Prime Minister also emphasized the need to organize hackathons for youth and students for innovations in toy technology and design, including online games, to reflect Indian ethos and values.

Inspired by his words we at BVB’s Muktangan Exploratory, Pune launched a pan Maharashtra “Toy/Game/Project Making Competition on 1st Nov 2020 at the hands of Padma Shree Dr. Arvind Gupta.




Our main objective was to stimulate creativity and Idea generation, stimulate an interest which can contribute to a more engaged, motivated, learning experience for students.

The competition was particularly aimed at harnessing the creative talents among the young minds to design Toys and Games based on Indian Values, Culture and Heritage. Looking at the entries submitted by the participants this has surely encouraged , motivated participants to conceive their idea of a Toy or Game which they have executed innovatively as well.

To make this competition more meaningful & to help students ideate their concept of toy/game, Muktangan Exploratory conducted free education series of 49 sessions on various fields, free of charge for all interested students. More than 10000 students took the advantage of this education series.


Categories for participation were:


  1. Junior Category: 5th  to 10th Std.
  2. Senior Category: 11th Std. up to Undergraduate level


There was no Entry fee for this competition. All teams are sponsored by Supporters.


Out Reach


Through various activities, print media & in associations with other educational institutes, science centres, ATLs we could reach to more than 2,50,000 students.

More than 700 students registered from 27 Districts of Maharashtra. Received 600 submissions for Junior group and 72 submissions for senior group for this “Khel khel mein- AToy/Game/Project making competition”.




Total of 127 shortlisted entries from both groups(Jr & Sr) Entries were judged by Mr.Ravindra Godbole, Mr.Ashok Panwalkar, Dr. Arvind ShaligramMr. Rajat Agarwal ,Mr. Atul Yadav, Mr. Hemant Lagvankar experienced professionals from diverse fields on the basis of depiction of Indian Values, Culture & Heritage, Originality, Uniqueness and Innovativeness.

Additionally, the following aspects are also considered while judging the entries Engagement, challenge / complexity, application of scientific concept, aesthetics, clarity of rules / instructions, working model, etc.




The Grand Finale of ‘Khel khel mein – A Toy/Game/Project making competition’ organized by Muktangan Exploratory took place on 28 th February 2021.

Opening of the virtual exhibition of selected Toys/Games/Projects & prize distribution was done at the hands of Hon. Shri Prakash Javadekar –  Union Minister of Environment , Forest & Climate change, Minister of Information & Broadcasting

Dr. J. B. Joshi – Former Director ICT Mumbai, President Marathi Vidnyan Parishad was invited as the Guest Of honour for this ceremony.


Our Gratitude


Without the support from our associate partners and financial supporters it would not have been possible for us to make this event a grand success.

We thank Being Jigyaasu, Plezmo, Pune university, Vigyan Ashram, Vigyan Bharati, Design Innovation center and technology transfer Association for being associated with us throughout the journey of Khel khel mein competition.

Organizing a competition like Khel Khel Mein requires lot of monetary support. We are thankful to Dassault systems La Fondation, Pune Couplings Pvt. Ltd., Weikfield Foundation and Pune Prarthana Sabha for showing the faith in us. We were able to conduct the entire Khel Khel Mein competition and provide high quality educational series for free to all, only because of our sponsors.

With the support from our associates and sponsors, we have been able to make Khel Khel mein event really impactful and the numbers speak for themselves. In a short span of 3 months, we were able to reach out to 2,50,000 students from 27 districts in Maharashtra. We managed to get 700+ teams to register on our website and submit their ideas. The educational series was well received by the students more than 10,000 students attended 49 live sessions online.

Entire prizes from Junior & Senior groups for all three categories Toy/Game/Project were sponsored by Dassault Systemes La Fondation.


Prize winners


Junior Group

Juinor categiry (Toy)
First Tejashri Maruti Shahane
Second Reeyansh Koriya
Third Ira Apte
Most Innovative Patil Bhoomi Jagdish
Most Asthetic Khandelwal Riyansh
Most Enguaging Bale Ritisha



Junior (Game )
First Siddhesh umarjee 
Atharva Godbole
Nikhil Kelkar
Shubham Dharmadhikari
Second Chinamyee Chandrakant Tembre
Third सामंत अपूर्व हरीश
Innovative Game Navya Bamidipati
  Anjali Phalak
Aesthetic Kesar Malankar
Niyatee Thakur
 Vedangi Kedare
Vallabh Mungekar
Engaging Ritvik Nikhil Deo,
Chinmay Joshi
Shubankhar Sowan
Shalaka Shardul Madge
Arya Karad
Bhakti Maideo
Zoya Shaikh
Varshil soni
Antra Puri
Saee Pravin Saswade


Appriciation Award
Junior Category
1 Atharva Hemant Dole
2 Spruha Mukund Deshpande
3 Vaari Goenka
4 Warang Tina Damodar
5 Gayatri Ramchandra Jawanjal
6 Aaditya Somnath Mundhe
9 Srushti Rahul Phutane
10 Shelar Vaibhavi Devinath
11 Jagtap Arya Dinesh


Senior Category

Senior Game
First Prize Arpita Balkisan Dayama


Senior Category
1 Vaishnavi Kamble
2  Ritu Pawar
3 Neha bhave
4 Prajwal Kadam
5 Siddharth Pardeshi
6 Atharva Patil
7 Dewen Honawale
8 Agrima Manglik,
9  Nechal Maggon
10 Sandra Maria George
11 Ritesh Bait
12 Piyush Patil


For Sr. Category students are awarded an Appreciation award- a two months Internship with Muktangan Exploratory. In this they will get an opportunity to complete their project(s). While completing the project they will learn to operate basic machines available in the Innovation hub of Muktangan Exploratory.





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