KALAM    kalam

Great Institution. Creativity is the focus. My best wishes                                                        - - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India. 17/01/07  

jay     jayant

Delighted and impressed by the work being done here. Wish I was a school boy again !

---Dr. Jayant Narlikar, 11/08/09                                                                                                                

mash             mash

Exploratory is Prof. Bhide’s dream come true. Also, he is not with us today – but I sensed his presence as I went around. India’s future will be built by Indian scientists- and Exploratory will build the minds of their young budding scientists. ‘Exploratory’, therefore, is a nation building endeavor. My heart felt gratitude to all those, who conceived and built Exploratory. 

Dr. R.A.Mashalkar, DG, CSIR, New-Delhi 02/10/06                                                                                                                

gow  gow                                                                                                                                                  gow 1 

I spent over two and half hour here this morning with Shri Pramod Kale, Dr. Ramesh Joshi and their associates. I didn’t know how the time flew off. The ‘Exploratory’, the brainchild of the Late Dr. V.G. Bhide, and now ably managed by his successor, Pramod Kale, is that good that the time passes off like a spacecraft. I saw the reflection of many giants, help and financial help-like Pu La., Tata Trust. I see something exemplary in existence, which can play a leadership role in the rest of Maharashtra to really create a truly science movement in the state. I wish the Exploratory all success.

----Dr. Vasant Gowariker, 22/12/06

muj     muj

I am excited and delighted to go through the laboratories of this exploratory. It was nice to see children of different developing inquiring minds. My best wishes to Dr.Kale and his dedicated colleagues.

--- Dr S.B. Mujumdar, Symbiosis, 28/7/10

  gad      gade

  Excellent demonstration of scientific modules. Highly innovative, I am sure students are highly benefited. My best wishes..

---- Dr. W.N. Gade, Vice-Chancellor, Pune University                   


I am very much impressed by the work being done at this Center to build up the science foundation in the children studying in Pune schools. All teachers are doing excellent work in their respective labs and I found them fully dedicated in their respective disciplines. I wish all the success for this cause in future. 

----- Dr. R.C. Bhatia, Director General of Meteorolgy, India Met Dept. New Delhi. 25/01/08

lila  lila 1

An excellent way to get young minds to think differently. Very innovative. Will try  to use this establishment for many of our programs. 

--- Mrs. Lila Poonawala, 7/8/12

shail   shaile

I am highly impressed with the labs which exclusively assures school children. This place definitely helps in moulding creativity and firing imagination in young minds.

---Dr. Shailesh Nayak, Secretary, Min. of Earth Sciences, New Delhi. 30/11/10

surkarsurkar 1

Most relevant and interesting work being done for students. I am greatly impressed with the facilities, innovative approach and the professional science education.

--- Shri Dilip Surkar, E D, Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Center, Ahmedabad, 18/11/09

kart   kart 1

It was wonderful to visit and see the exciting work being done at the labs,  with new issues like Climate change becoming relevant, we have new challenges in science and math teaching-learning. We must collaborate more!

--Shri Kartikeya Sarabhai , world's leading environmental educator,19/2/2009



Mrs. Nalini Sengupta, Principal, Vidya Valley School

Exploratory has real experts in their fields, who facilitate the students to perform experiments, which is really exciting for them.  The newly introduced activity of sessions with scientists is very invigorating for all of us. Also, the inter-school competitions are a real boost in motivation of the children.

ver    ver 2

It is a great effort and I am particularly impressed by its reach out. Students of middle school level are given good training through the realistic science demos, that has very good impact. The team working here is very enthusiastic and is involved in taking the programs to its best. I wish the Institute very best and am sure it will be able to trigger science education in its real sense. 

--- Prof. H.C. Verma, Professor, Physics Dept. IIT, Kanpur

ankank 1

Mr. Darius Forbes, 17/4/07

Excellent effort- God bless the visionaries.

Mr. Amit Chavan, Project Manager, BNHS 24/1/07

The exploratory science center is excellent. I was here for conducting a session for teachers and introducing handbook - "In harmony with nature". It will be wonderful to work in collaboration for more programs in future. The maths lab fascinated me most! Thank you very much.

Mr. Amit Gandhi, Parent

When my son started performing experiments regularly at the Exploratory, I could see that he was able to explore his power of visualization, which helps him in clearly understanding the subjects.

Roma More, Student

I love Muktangan Exploratory because there are such exciting experiments. My interest in science has increased after joining the Exploratory. Thank you Muktangan Exploratory.

Shrilagna Dhar, Student

In mosts schools students are not allowed to handle instruments before class 9. At Muktangan we are able access all laboratories and instruments which provides us hands-on experience to help us in understanding the topics better.

Mrs. Parthasarathi, Parent

The tag line itself speaks for Muktangan Exploratory. Here the children are encouraged to learn how to learn, learn how to do and learn how to live. The last one really captures me. The children are physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, scientifically and spiritually motivated to do anything in this world.

Siddharth Balaji, Student

Exploratory helps me to do something very unique. The teachers are very caring and supporting.

Mr. Santosh Rajan, Parent

Muktangan has adopted a very unique methodology of imparting practical know-how through learning by doing. That’s the kind of teaching for science that I was looking for my son.

Some of the subjects taught at Muktangan Exploratory are not even taught in schools. E.g. Earth Sciences, Electronics, that are practically required in today’s day-to-day life.

Mrs. Anamika Singh, Parent

After joining Muktangan Exploratory, I see that my sone has developed lot of interest and passion towards science.

Schools do impart book knowledge but at Muktangan the added benefit is in practical knowledge – learning through performing the experiments.

Mrs. Vandana Singhal, Parent

It is a great place for children to explore and satisfy their curiosity regarding sciences. An ideal opportunity for students which is desired in most schools.