Physics Laboratory

Phusics Lab0ratory at BVB Exploratory

Physics is the largest of the laboratories at the Exploratory covering wide range of topics and concepts to expand understanding of the physical world around us.

The syllabus comprising of topics such as Force, Magnetism, Measurements, Density, Light, Heat, Pressure, Static Electricity, Day time Astronomy etc, has been designed parallel to the school syllabus to reinforce formal learning. Students from std. 5th to std. 10th perform activities throughout the year. Apart from this, students make toys, which they can take home, based on the concept they have learnt.

The laboratory has two telescopes which are used during celestial events, a well equipped dark room for Optics as well. We have a unique chair, designed by our founder late Dr. V. G Bhide, to demonstrate the concept of conservation of Angular Momentum. The lab also boasts of a high quality mercury barometer to measure atmospheric pressure. Also few musical instruments demonstrating the science in sound and music add to the “fun”way of learning.

This lab is well equipped to conduct the practicals of board examinations. We conduct board examination practical training in two sessions. Various workshops comprising of different activities are conducted throughout the year. It comprises Homi Bhabha Young Scientists Exam practical training as well.

Physics is key to understanding and appreciating the physical world around us. A sound understanding of these fundamentals prepares the student to observe, analyse and understand nature and physical phenomena in a truly scientific manner.