REACH Projects Achievements - Report

“REACH Projects” Achievements - Report

“REACH Projects” Students worked on various themes since past few months. Students gave their presentation in Center, preparing them for their final presentation in IISER, INSEF Regional Fair on 1st Dec. Names of students, their topics and guides were - Aditya Anand, Sai Ritvik Ambati, Suyashree Kadam, Tanishka Barne, Atmaj Bhayani, Ansh Sankrityayan(Liquid Lenses- Dr. Arun Banpurkar); Vivek Chakraborty, Jia Sasane (Using Drosophila ( Fruit fly) as Genetic tools to study Neurosciences - Dr. Amitabh Mujumdar); Chaitanya Dumbre, Avani Agashe, (Tunability of properties of nanomaterials ( gold& silver)- Dr. Dipti Sidhaye); Rutva Jadhav, Aditi Singhal, (Communal Roosting behavior of some birds(Maina , Parakeets, kites- Dr. Anil Mahabal ); Rudra Purohit, Siddharth Balaji, (Bioacoustics- (City noise & bird calls- Dr. Rajgopal Patil); Mayank Wangikar, Yash Sable (Introduction to molecular Phylogeny ( DNA sequence analysis) - Dr. Anand Padhye ); Eshaan Joshi, Apoorva Mundhe, (Visible range Spectrometer- Dr. Anand Bhave).

Out of total 9 REACH projects, 7 projects were selected for INSEF (Indian Science & Engineering Regional) Fair on 1st December. The students excelled in their project presentations. For projects won bronze & one project won silver, two projects won certificates as: - silver medal for super hydrophobic surface project presentation, Bronze medals for – superconductor, reflecting spectroscope, roosting behavior, bird calls & anthropogenic noise. Certificate was for – DNA phylogeny, drospophile a genetic tool.

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