World under microscope - Workshop - (29,30 April) Kothrud Center - Report

‘World under Microscope‘

Nothing will work unless you do and learning is an on-going process and this implies to our students as well.

Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre, Kothrud conducted workshop ‘World Under Microscope’ for young boffin. Objective of this workshop was to introduce basics of Microscopy and amazing world under the Microscope.

Date: 29, 30 April

No. of participants - 12

First day 29th April 2019 (Monday)

One First day of workshop we arranged lecture on ‘Harmful and Useful Microbes’ by

Dr. Ashwini Atre ,Microscopy Department, NCCS, Pune.

All students were excited about the workshop. We provide them with worksheets and session started with introduction. Structure, working and Uses of microscope discussed in this session. After that they learn how to use dissecting microscope and magnifying glass to see detailed structure of things like leaf surface, Floral parts, Piece of cloth, tissue paper, Soil, surface of lady Finger, Cluster beans, Cotton etc. They all enjoyed seeing detailed structure of these things which they have observed by only naked eyes before attending workshop.

Next session was surprised for all students because teacher announced that “Now we will observe our own cells!!!!” They all were scared that teacher will cut our skin for microscopic observation. As we told them simple method of cheek cells collection by tooth pick they enjoyed this session. It was amazing experience for them to observe own cells under microscope.

After animal cell, they prepared slide of plant cell i.e. onion peel. It was wonder for them to observe cells of onion.

Second day 30th April 2019 (Tuesday)

On next day students come up with some objects like cotton ball, Ant, Drosophila (Fruit Fly ) paper, coin, Different types of leaves, soil and water mixture as they want to see these objects under dissecting microscope and compound microscope.

Session started with observation of pollen grain and induced pollen grain formation, they all enjoyed slide preparation and adjustments of microscope by their own

After fungal observation session ended with observation of minute openings on leaf surface- Stomata.

They all eager to see bacteria in idli batter and curd they enjoyed this session as well

Permanent Slide Observation.

Amoeba Bacteria Paramecium Spirogyra Animal Cell Plant cell

Workshop concluded with distribution of certificates.

Workshop conducted by- Ms. Prachi Aragade, Mrs. Neha Phadke and Mrs. Poonam Yawalkar

This program was appreciated by Participants, Parents and Staff. It was wonderful experience for all of us.


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