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Science Centre Core Program (S.B. Road) – Muktangan

Science Centre Core Program (S.B. Road)

Science Centre Core Program (S.B. Road)

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Course Details

  • Physics: The Colorful World ,Experiments with water, Conductors and Insulators, Sound and Music, Matter, motion
  • Chemistry: Chemistry and its importance, matter, States of matter Changes in states of matter, Physical and chemical changes, Properties of  Water, Temperature
  • Life Science: From Seed to plant, Plant  Morphology, Animal  world, Human Body systems - Skeletal system, Digestive system Sense organs
  • Mathematics: History of  Mathematics, Fun with fractions and decimals, percentages. Exploring Lines, angles, triangles and circles, Measurement and conversions, Fun with Origami
  • Innovative Technologies I: Simple Circuits, Fun with Circuits My Home Sensors
  • Innovative Technologies II: Introduction to Programming, SMART City – Basic, Digital Gadgets, Home Automation
  • Earth Science: Earth from inside out, Our Atmosphere, Water On Earth,  Know the solar System,  Where Do you live?
  • Physics : Shadows and Images, Concept of Force, Fun with Magnets, Work and Energy, Concept of Simple Machines
  • Chemistry: Classification of Matter, Separation of Substances, Acid, Base and Neutral, All about Air
  • Life Science: Reproduction in plants, Functions of parts of plants, Working of lungs, Working of heart, Animal behavior
  • Mathematics: Knowing and playing with numbers, Pre - algebra Activity, Fun with Symmetry, Measuring Area and perimeter, Statistics
  • Innovative Technologies I: Circuitry Re-cap, Introduction to Resistors Introduction to Capacitors, Timer Application
  • Innovative Technologies II: Music through Sensors, Technology in Healthcare, Home Gadgets
  • Earth Science : Story of the Earth, Continents and ocean, Phases of the moon, To know time Zones Our Planet
  • Physics: Light, Heat Energy, Concept of Pressure, Sound, Day Time Astronomy
  • Chemistry: Periodic Table ,Concept of Valancy, Acid, Base and Salt, Types of chemical reactions and chemical equations, Concept of reactivity of metals
  • Life Science: Cellular structure of living, Microorganisms, Diversity of life, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Osmosis, Know your brain
  • Innovative Technologies I: Circuits and Components, Display Devices, Digital Electronics
  • Earth Science: Ecosystem,  Soil Analysis,  Rocks and Minerals, Non conventional Sources of energy Types of maps
  • Physics: Archimedes Story, Bending Light, Science in Sports, Heat, Static Electricity
  • Chemistry: Study of salts ,Electrochemistry ,Factors affecting Rate of reaction Food Adulteration Combustion of Flame
  • Life Science: Nutritional groups, Enzymes Culturing Microorganisms, Nutrition & Growth of plants
  • hydroponics, growth hormones in plants, plant pigments
  • Mathematics: Understanding Co-ordinate Geometry, Exploring simultaneous equations. Exploring curves in mathematics, Surface area and Volume, Uses of statistics
  • Innovative Technologies I: Logic Gates ,AND Gate ,OR Gate EXOR Gate, ADDERS
  • Innovative Technologies II: SMART Room, Super Market, SMART Classroom
  • Earth Science: Water Monitoring, What's up with the weather, Constellations, Waste management  Compass Treasure Hunt
  • Physics: Newton’s Laws of Motion,Calculation of Acceleration due to Gravity, Ohm’s law Inverted World, Magnetism and Electricity
  • Chemistry: Preparation of standard solution, Preparation of salts ,Carbon and its compound, Functional  group test, To find melting point and boiling point
  • Life Science: DNA ,Vitamins , Blood –types, compatibility ,Genetic inheritance, Tissue culture
  • Mathematics:Importance of Trigonometry, Exploring progressions in real life, Permutations and combinations  Probability, commercial   Mathematics.
  • Innovative Technologies I: Logic Gates, AND Gate, OR Gate EXOR Gate, ADDERS
  • Innovative Technologies II: SMART Room, Super Market, SMART Classroom
  • Earth Science     Dissolved oxygen, Noise pollution ,Contour Mapping, Landforms and Continental drift Climate Change
  • This hands on experience generates inquisitiveness, develop scientific attitude and strengthen their basic concepts of science
  • These foundation courses are in fine tune with the school science curricula of SSC, CBSE & ICSE boards. This reinforces their learning and creates a strong foundation to excel in science and mathematics.
  • Students work in a group size of 15 in each lab. The small batch size ensures individual work and close interaction with teacher guide.
Other attractions:
  • Library facility
  • Nature trail
  • Field visits to Research organizations / Industry
  • Lectures by eminent scientists
  • Other competitions and programs conducted by centre from time to time
Assessment of students: An informal assessment of students is conducted to assess their scientific abilities e.g. Observation, Understanding, application , critical thinking and other behavioral abilities eg. – interest, inquisitiveness, hand skills & commitment to learning


Rs. 1050015th June-15th March5th to 10th std


4PM to 5.30PM3.30PM to 5PM9.30AM to 11AM
11.30AM to 1PM
2.30PM to 4PM
4PM to 5.30PM

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