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Student Achievements – Muktangan

Student Achievements

Reach Projects Program – Spectacular Performance by Muktangan Exploratory students

Center had initiated REACH Projects program. REACH projects were small research projects, of short duration, wherein students were mentored by eminent scientists. The whole idea was to introduce them to research methodology.

Students worked on various science themes since last two months under expert guidance. Out of total 9 REACH projects, 7 projects were selected for final presentation at INSEF (Indian Science & Engineering Fair) held on 1st December 2018 at IISER.

We are proud to inform that five out of seven project students excelled in their above project presentations. They won silver & bronze medal as under:


  • Suyashree Kadam, Tanishka Barne (Silver Medal) – Topic – Super hydrophobic surfaces (Guide – Dr. Arun Banpurkar)
  • Atmaj Bhayani, Ansh Sankrityayan (Bronze Medal) – Topic – Super conductivity (guide – Dr. Arun Banpurkar)
  • Rutva Jadhav, Aditi Singhal, (Bronze Medal) – Topic – Communal Roosting behavior of some birds Maina , Parakeets, kites- (Guide Dr. Anil Mahabal )
  • Rudra Purohit, Shreyas Purkar, (Bronze Medal) – Topic – Bioacoustics- City noise & bird calls- (Guide – Dr. Rajgopal Patil)
  • Eshaan Joshi, Apoorva Mundhe, (Bronze Medal) – Topic – Visible range Spectrometer- (Guide -Dr. Anand Bhave).
  • 21st February 2019 – Excellent achievement at Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam – Anuj Lonkar, student of Muktangan Exploratory, was awarded National Inspire Award, he will get chance to meet President and to attend International Inspire Award Exhibition in Japan.

Performance of Muktangan Exploratory students in International Science Olympiads Since 2002

Anand DeopurkarMaths 2003 Bronze
Rohan ChabukswarAstronomy 2003Gold
Asilata BapatAstronomy 2003Gold
Abhishek DangAstronomy 2004 Gold
Ved GundAstronomy 2004Gold
Anand DeopurkarMaths 2004Silver
Abhishek DangMaths 2004 Bronze
Abhishek DangAstronomy 2005Gold
Asilata BapatAstronomy 2005Silver
Ved GundAstronomy 2005Bronze
Abhishek DangMaths 2005Silver
Varun JogMaths 2005Bronze
Varun JogMaths 2006Bronze
Aniruddha BapatAstronomy 2007Gold
Abhishek DangMaths 2007Silver
Srihari BhatJS 2008Silver
Abhishek OswalAstronomy 2008Silver
Aniruddh BapatAstronomy 2008Bronze
Sarthak ChandraAstronomy r2008 Silver
Pratulla DhariwalAstronomy 2009Gold
Gaurav PatilMaths 2009 Bronze
Sarthak ChandraJS 2009Silver
Gaurav PatilMaths 2010Silver
Anirudh Bapat Astro2010Gold

Students of Muktangan Exploratory honored by two or more medals in International Science Olympiad

NameSubject YearMedal
Abhishek DangAstronomy 2004Gold
Maths 2004Bronze
Astronomy 2005Gold
Maths 2005Silver
Maths 2007Silver
Sarthak Chandra Astronomy 2008Silver
Earth Science 2009Bronze
JS 2009Silver
Aniruddh BapatAstronomy 2007Gold
Astronomy 2008Bronze
Astronomy 2010Gold
Asilata BapatAstronomy 2003Gold
Astronomy 2005Silver
Anant DeopurkarMaths 2003Bronze
Maths 2004 Silver
Ved GundAstronomy 2004Gold
Astronomy 2005Bronze
Varun Jog Maths2005Bronze
Maths 2006Bronze
Gaurav Patil Maths2009Bronze
Maths 2010 Silver