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Summer Innovation Hub Workshop – Muktangan

Summer Innovation Hub Workshop

Summer Innovation Hub Workshop


Wood Working:

  • Activities Involved: Hammering nails of different sizes in plywood, drilling inwood and concrete,level checking,
    cutting of plywood in different shapes and forms.
  • Tools used: Hammer, nails and screws, screw-drivers, Drill machine(basic and power), Spirit level, band saw
  • Hard Take-aways: Pen-stand with a mobile holder OR picture frame OR a Key- chain hanger.
  • Benefit to participants: Innovate wooden items of daily use, fix simple wood/carpentry related problems at
  • Future Scope: Innovate wooden items of daily use, fix simple wood/carpentry related problems at home.

Electronics and Electrical Systems:

  • Activities Involved: Making simple electronic circuits, soldering of components, stripping of wires and attaching plugs, bulb-holders, switches and supply points.
  • Tools used: Soldering iron, wire-stripper, screw-driver, multi-meter, switches, PVC pipe cutter, two-pin plugs, bulb-holders, electrical wires.
  • Hard Take-aways: Simple LED based Flash-light and a Table Lamp made using PVC pipes
  • Benefit to participants: Understand domestic electrical systems and appliances, ability to fix simple electrical andnelectronicnconnections.
  • Future Scope: Understand the domestic electrical connections, easily fix simple electrical problems at home,
    replace simple electrical fixtures easily.

Domestic Water Systems.(Plumbing):

  • Activities Involved:Demonstration of water supply and circulation within our homes through videos and models, dissecting different taps and caulks, checking washers, cleaning nozzles and outlet filters, threading of pipes.
  • Tools used:Various types of Domestic water taps, Cistern Tank, PVC Pipes, PVC Pipe-cutters, drill machine. Pipe threading tool.
  • Hard Take-aways: None
  • Benefit to participants:Understand basic plumbing systems, Clean Clogged taps, shower heads and jet sprays, check and replace washers, threading of pipes.
  • Future Scope: Participants will be able to repair common domestic problems such as clogged taps, shower-heads and jet-sprays, fix taps and water fixtures, prevent tap leaks at home due to worn out washers.


  • Activities Involved:Dissection of a bicycle, taking apart the bicycle wheel, tyre and tube, fixing a puncture, broken valve, removing and fixing the chain, seat, fixing the brakes, lubricating and servicing the moving parts, takingapart the bell, lock and side-stand
  • Tools used:Spanner/wrench, tyre removal tools, puncture removal material, pressure gauge, lubricating oil.
  • Hard Take-aways: None
  • Benefit to participants:Participants can confidently fix punctures, chain slips, brakes and other mechanical
    issues along with general servicing of their cycles.
  • Future Scope: Expand this knowledge to understanding working and servicing of simple issues of two-
    wheelers and automobiles.


  • Activities Involved: Making useful daily use items from waster news-paper (raddi), discarded plastic bottles, CDs, watches and clocks, old and outdated greeting cards.
  • Tools used: Scissors, fevicol, discarded plastic bottles, plastic/acryclic cutters, CDs etc
  • Hard Take-aways:Paper-bags, thermally insulated water – bottles, flower vases, table clocks etc
  • Benefit to participants:Develop a mindset of innovation out of waste and discardable items.
  • Future Scope: Add value to household junk by converting it into very useful objects.

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