Research, Explore, Analyze, Concept, Horizon (REACH) Projects

In this program – students of Regular Course (Std. 7,8) will get a unique opportunity to work with leading scientist on a research project.

In this respect on 18th November 2017- Orientation session of REACH Projects for students Std 7,8 was conducted. Dr Sidhaye introduced her topic to students in story form; topic being development of noble metal nano structures, Dr Banpurkar introduced topic liquid physics to his group. Mrs. Baxi introduced topics of scientists not present – Dr. Deepa Subramanyam- on water repellent property in plants & animal structure, Dr Raghav Rajan – Animal behavior.

13 students (Std 7, 8) enrolled for 4 research projects. Through this REACH project, the students are being provided a unique opportunity to work with leading scientists on Research projects. This inducts research in the students at an early age. The basic idea behind this REACH project is to help children to appreciate the scientific process.

The students are working in a group (3 to 4 students). Each group is assigned a small research project, mentored by leading scientists. The areas of research are – Nanotechnology, Cell sciences, neurosciences, physics of surfaces etc. The tenure of the project is November to January.


Techonology, Innovation, Novel, Knowledge (THINK) PROJECT


Exploratory has launched a new initiative “ThlnK Project”. As the name suggests these are theme based projects, where students are encouraged to solve real life problems using scientific principles and technologies they learn through interactions with specialists (mentors) and research from the internet. The objective is to coach and facilitate children in solving day to day problems using problem solving techniques, creative application of technologies, design and fabrication of final solutions.

In this program students identify a commonly encountered problem and learn how to overcome the same by innovating user-friendly solution.

Benefits of participation:

  • Development of research and developmental skills
  • Problem identification , Analysis and solving skills
  • Designing and fabrication techniques
  • Documentation and presentation skills
  • Effective team work and Co-operativeattitude
  • An  opportunity to work with technologists    

* Timeline of the project Execution – 20th December 17 – 15th January 18

* Report submission / presentations –   Around 15th Jan 18

* Group Size – Minimum 1 to maximum 4 students per group

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