Vision & Mission

Dr. V. G .Bhide

Explore ….Innovate …. Invent

Science is an endless quest and an unceasing exploration to understand the laws of nature and it is this understanding of laws of nature that enables us to manipulate nature through the development of technology. This nature of science must find its reflection in the teaching and learning of science. 

Exploratory is a place where children can explore and experiment, design and fabricate, invent and innovate. Exploratory launches students on an unending path of Exploration. 

A distinctive Science Centre that aspires to: -

  •     Arouse curiosity
  •     Stimulate scientific temperament
  •     Nurture creativity

Among young children by adopting a unique method of learning through hands-on experimentation

  •     Explore and experiment
  •     Design and fabricate
  •     Invent and innovate

Exploratory learning compliments and supplements formal education by providing opportunity to learn through experiments with own hands.